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Rock of Ages Missionary Baptist Church

Commissioned to Serve this Present Age

Wednesday Night Family Bible Study

November 30, 2022

Notes: Bible, Expositor and Illuminator Union Gospel Press, 

Fall Quarter 2022

The Promise of Messiah’s Forerunner

Lesson Text: Luke 1:8-20

Golden Text: Luke 1:13-14

Related Scriptures: Genesis 18:9-15; 25:20-28; Malachi 4: 1-6; 

Matthew 11:9-15

Time: 7 or 6 B.C.                                                                                   Place: Jerusalem

Devotion: Song/Prayer/Song/ Scripture Reading/doxology/Lord’s Prayer


Adult Video:

Youth Lesson Videos:


The faith of even the most godly people can sometimes falter. Elijah experienced a great spiritual victory on Mount Carmel (1Kgs. 18:17-46), but soon after he fell into despair when Queen Jezebel sought his life (19:1-4). Peter drew his sword, ready to defend Jesus to the death in the garden ( John 18:10), but only hours later he denied knowing the Lord (vss. 17-18, 25-27).

We believe in God and acknowledge that God is all-powerful, but His work is not always readily visible to our eyes. As a result, we often become discouraged. Zacharias the priest is an interesting case study. He knew God, but when he was given a promise that seemed impossible of fulfillment, his faith failed him. The good news for both him and us is that one person’s failure does not thwart the purpose and plan of God (Bible Expositor and Illuminator Union Gospel Press, Winter Quarter 2022-2023). 

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